Leal "Disco Ball" (Carlos Lopez Estrada, dir.)

Never trust a bartender who garnishes your whiskey with a broken mirror shard. Unless he speaks French (Swiss?) and reminds you of all that is great about Serge Gainsbourg — well, almost everything that is great —  and unless he's willing to drink his own poison and got the Moves Like Walken

PS: You know the saying that you are what you eat? Well, you're also what you drink and all those mirrored shards might wind up forming something fabulous.

Preston Knight "Danger!" (Stephen Wayne Mallett, dir.)

Up-and-coming pop star Preston Knight's single Danger exlodes to the scene with this dark and gritty throwback sci-fi music video with strong traces of Blade Runner & A Clockword Orange.  Directed by Stephen Mallett, the Fahrenheit 451 inspired visual will keep you captivated as you watch the makings of a new star in the pop world!