London Grammar "Strong" (Sam Brown, dir.)

Don’t bother with the spell check coz Sam Brown is back with his first music video since the Grammy winning 'Rolling in the Deep' for Adele (418m views and counting). ‘Strong’ is the second single from the hugely acclaimed London Grammar who craft the kind of soul drenched, intimate angst laden pop music designed to lift your heart and remind you why you loved music in the first place.

Laura Mvula "She" (Alex Southam, dir.)

Laura Mvula - She

Director Alex Southam looks at the cycle of life in this homcoming clip...

Alex Southam, director: "Beyond the obvious desire to work with such an exciting and talented artist, I think the main thing that attracted me to the project was the duality of the track's strength and its fragility. The track seems deliberately ambiguous as to whether it is about a particular woman, or women generally, so I wanted to create a video which was simultaneously personal and universal, and structure it out in a seemingly neverending cycle — hence why the video is top and tailed with ostensibly the same sequence. I'm pretty sure I referenced MC Escher at somepoint to that effect.

Additionally the video is intentionally left open for debate - just to get the old left and right side of the viewers brain working!  Our movement through our series of vignettes was meticulously planned out so we knew what we had to capture from our cast performance wise and in turn, how that should work with the ebb and flow of the track. Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with, one of those artists that just gets it and gave us exactly the performance we needed to knit in with our narrative.  In case of ambiguity, its a 'no-cut' and not a 'one-shot'! Special praise must be given to our fantastic cast, especially Kanga our lead, who just knocked it out the park."