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Andy Grammer "Back Home" (Justin Baldoni, dir.)

It's a Color Run explosion as Andy Grammer races from isolation to comunity — in the form of a performance to a massive crowd of exuberant fans — in this first video off the singer's sophomore release, Magazines or Novels.

Justin Baldoni, director: "We wanted to create a video that made you feel as happy as the song.  Turns out that means 10,000 of your closest friends throwing color in the air at the biggest party of the summer!" 

Sarah Silverman "Perfect Night" (Liam Lynch, dir.)

Sarah Silverman's Perfect Night featuring Will.i.am-- YouTube Comedy Week

Sarah Silverman enjoys a wild night. On her couch. Wearing sweatpants. Watching Netflix. Checking out YouPorn. In other words, it's probably like one of your nights, except she's facetiming with Will.I.Am while you probably settle for Apl.De.Ap or that other dude in Black Eyed Peas.

WATCH IT: No Doubt "Push And Shove" (Sophie Muller, dir.)

No Doubt takes us back to the pattern-positive world of 'Hey Baby' (though checkerboard instead of houndstooth) by way of the spotlit black and white of 'Hella Good'. Sophie Muller follows the band on a high-energy but relatively low-stakes nocturnal tour of NYC with drinks and horsing around down by the river. Gwen and the crew are charismatic and engaging but I still kind of wish they had discovered the 'crackcident' party in Bushwick.  --> watch "Push And Shove"

By Doug Stern on September 26, 2012 @ 9:19am PDT

WATCH IT: Andy Grammer "Miss Me" (Justin Baldoni, dir.)

Sad? Heartbroken? Grab a glowstick and make your way to a Andy Grammer rooftop performance that's attracting all the lonely people*.  --> watch "Miss Me"

*There's an old story that in wake of "Big Me," fans started chucking Mentos at Foo Fighters when they played the song live, as a tribute to the video. So, a concept revolving around Glow Sticks makes for some potentially cool tour visual (and they're less likely to take your eye out when they bombard the stage)

WATCH IT: Broken Bells "The High Road"

Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse, and James Mercer, aka The Shin — collectively aka Broken Bells — wander along a strange road filled with all sorts of bad omens. There's a wreck on the highway, a projection screen displaying a fire, a kid playing with a remote control car, a burlesque stage and a lone white horse. It's all quite ominous, leading me to think that "The High Road" is a reference to the afterlife, or they're all just high. --> watch "The High Road"