Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco "Say Amen (Saturday Night)" (Daniel “Cloud” Campos, Spencer Susser, dir.)

Now that Panic! At The Disco's Brandon Urie has conquered Broadway, his sights may be set on getting a role as an action-adventure movie star. This video makes a pretty convincing case — save for a twist, or two — as he faces off against a troupe of ninjas and manages to still be ready for some Saturday Night romance.

Panic! at the Disco "Girls/Girls/Boys" (D Jay Brawner, dir.)

Right there on the YouTube page, singer Brendon Urie celebrates that the inspiration for his latest torso-baring clip for Panic! at the Disco is everyone's favorite D'Angelo video. Director D Jay Brawner makes sure to give the fans everything (or alllmost everything) they want from this sexy one-taker, assuming the fans don't really want to look at anyone else in the band.