Paper Bag

WATCH IT: You Say Party "Lonely's Lunch" (Sean Wainsteim, dir.)

Director Sean Wainsteim delivers an action-adventure sci-fi tale for this You Say Party video. Shot on location in India and showcasing a vibe that evokes both Slumdog Millionaire and District 9, the video stars a female resistance fighter who's on the run and about to learn why you should never trust a man with a neck tattoo. --> watch "Lonely's Lunch"

NEW RELEASE: Uncut "Darkhorse"

Corporate America may not be concerned with the collateral damage they wreak in their quest for almighty profit, but hopefully they will never stoop as low as the executives do in this cautionary tale from director Kris Lefcoe and Canadian rockers Uncut. Stop-motion animation depicts a future in which a cabal of business leaders decide the only way to ensure infinite growth is to "kill all the living." Even worse, the mercenaries they enlist to do the deed are the toys and mascots that you've been trained by commercials to trust the most. We're talking Ronald

NEW RELEASE: Tokyo Police Club "Cheer It On"

A man's model world becomes a place of utter chaos once he introduces some Tokyo Police Club figurines. The animals break free from the zoo and begin mauling anyone in their path. Fires erupt. The social order breaks down leading to panic, death, sex and depravity. The army arrives to restore civility, but it's too late.  The people have had their taste of Tokyo Police Club and nothing will ever be the same again. --> watch "Cheer It On"