Beware The Music Video Teaser?

Here's something to add to my Music Video Rules:

If you think a 15 second preview on Instagram — or a seven second Vine, or even a single Instagram photo — ruins the impact of your music video, then most likely your music video sucks. Sorry.

UK newspaper The Guardian has an editorial today about how social media reveals and other teasers have ruined music videos for the author, Issy Sampson.

On-the-go "Crumpled memories" (Darya Zhuk, dir.)

On-The-Go - Crumpled Memories (Official Video)

In a dreamy yet realistic narrative music video for Russian band On-the-go, Darya Zhuk (Director) tells the story of a lonely and rational musician who falls under the magical enchantment of an incredible street Man Bird (played by surprisingly moving model Shaun Ross) .

WATCH IT: M.I.A. "Born Free" (Romain Gavras, dir.)

All the opening actions in this forceful new video from M.I.A. are red herrings. Some pun intended. Director Romain Gavras delivers an allegory that perfectly captures the anger and message of "Born Free," while also delivering what amounts to a powerful rebuttal to the anti-immigrant zeitgeist that's now crescendoed with Arizona's "show me your papers" law. A powerful, sure-to-be controversial video. Warning: The video takes a very disturbing turn about midway through. There's also brief nudity. --> watch "Born Free"