Paul Trillo

D&AD and YouTube announce first shortlist for inaugural Next Director Award

Sixteen filmmakers are in the running for the first D&AD Next Director Award, created in partnership with Youtube and supported by MOFILM.

Selected by a panel of industry leaders including Dougal Wilson, David Bruno, Ringan Ledwidge and Juliette Larthe, the following films — including a few music videos — comprise the first shortlist:

The Next Director Award is separate to the D&AD Professional Awards, and will be judged three times per year, producing three separate shortlists. The next entry period is now open, with a deadline on 15 October 15.

Elevating Colored Powder Gags to Art in SALIENCE (Paul Trill, dir.)

Salience isn't a music video — although the score by Noah Cunningham should appeal to fans of Explosions In The Sky and similarly epic rock minimalism — but it plays with the frequent music video gag of exploding bursts of colored powder. Director Paul Trillo takes what's usually a gag and takes it to artistic heights with an invisibility effect and super slo-mo Phantom Slo-Mo footage — perfectly laid out in a Making Of.