Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam "Jeremy" (Mark Pellington, dir.)

While music video production has slowed down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic — although a restart appears on the near horizon — it's a good time to revisit this re-released, remastered and now uncensored version of Pearl Jam's 1992 classic "Jeremy" video that has essentially never been seen before. This original cut increases all the power of the original, making clearer the effects of bullying, teen suicide and the easy availability of guns.

Pearl Jam "Lightning Bolt (A Short Film)" (Danny Clinch, dir.)

Director/Photographer Danny Clinch isn't the only one with a role in this short film. Interviewers include Judd Apatow, Portlandia star and fellow musician Carrie Brownstein, pro surfer Mark Richards, and Steve Gleason, an NFL player living with ALS. An unlikely group, but they get the band to open up more than you might expect, and Clinch gets very close, thanks to his longterm association with the band.