Puloma Basu

Real Estate "Crime" (Tom Scharpling, dir.)

Music video auteur Tom Scharpling (played by not Tom Scharpling) hands over the reins (not really) in a video that one-ups product placement moneygrubs by essentially auctioning off the creative process to the three highest bidders. Unfortunately, the winning bidders are Blood Lords author Jared Frenkel, ceramicist Valerie Anderson and crazy old person Fred Dombrowski, Sr. And, for extra value, we also get a celebrity cameo and an integration by Westboro Baptist Church.

Don't worry, it'll be fine. Trust him.

UNEARTHED: Postal Service Auditions (Tom Scharpling, dir.)

Finally, director/writer Tom Scharpling brings us the real story of The Postal Series via these unearthed audition tapes. Aimee Mann, Tom DeLonge, Duff McKagan and other music (and some comedy) luminaries all try to impress Jimmy Tamborello and a Sub Pop weasel. Ultimately, Ben Gibbard gets the gig, but not before Moby and Weird Al steal the show.

It's not really a music video, but it's really funny and genius. Enjoy.