Refused TV

WATCH IT: Cast Spells "Glamorous Glowing" (Behn Fannin, dir.)

If you've bemoanded the lack of truly colorful and electic frontmen in music today, then perhaps seeing a literally colorful and electric lightbox as the star of a music video is a dream come true. A floating and flashing monolith floats around the city broadcasting various patterns (and possibly messages) to this Cast Spells track. --> "Glamorous Glowing"

WATCH IT: Cee-Lo Green "F**k You" (Matthew Stawski, dir.)

Cee-Lo Green manages to score the pop hit of the year, except for the fact that it's called "Fuck You" and is essentially a Motown-worthy middle finger to a woman who has done him wrong. Director Matthew Stawski focuses on the sweet hooks, setting the action at a retro soda shop where we learn that Cee-Lo's anger stems from never having much luck with the ladies. --> watch "Fuck You"

WATCH IT: New Found Glory "Truck Stop Blues" (Matthew Stawski, dir.)

The touring life is Loony Tunes for New Found Glory, both in terms of the Serge Gay Jr cartoon drawings that director Matthew Stawski peppers throughout this video and for the band's mental state as they attempt to refuel themselves at a truck stop. --> watch "Truck Stop Blues


WATCH IT: El Trio De Omar Rodriguez Lopez "Miercoles"

Here's a little more Spanish for ya: Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez presents his jazzy/folky/spanishy new trio El Trio De Omar Rodriguez Lopez with a stripped down performance video that is the exact opposite from the man who previously brought you this. (The alternate review of this video is: Here's a little Miercoles for your Monday.) --> watch "Miercoles"

WATCH IT: Omar Rodriguez Lopez "Asco..."

Being that the song title "Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erógenos" translates into something somewhat dirty, it shouldn't be a surprise that Mars Volta member Omar Rodriguez Lopez has sex on his mind here. That said, this is a video full of surprises. The first is Lopez's willingness to out marriage before sex out of respect for his religious lover (played by Mexican singet Ximena Sariñana).

SHOT: Street Sweeper Social Club - Matthew Stawski, director

First video for this collaboration between Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and The Coup rapper Boots Riley.Touring all summer with Jane's Addiction and Nine Inch Nails.

  • artist: Street Sweeper Social Club
  • song: "100 Little Curses"
  • label: Independent Label Group (WMG) 
  • director(s): Matthew Stawski 
  • production co: Refused TV
  • producers: Alfred Tomaszewski & Nina Tahash
  • effects: Scrambled Visual