Rik Cordero

Joey Bada$$ f/ Kiesza "Teach me" (Rik Cordero, dir.)

My goal was to capture a cross cultural, international feeling of dance styles interpreting the song in their own way. From professional to non-professional dancers - from the alleyways of Shoreditch, London to the industrial streets of Brooklyn, New York - "Teach Me" trancends the literal meaning of the song and is really about following your instincts and doing what you love. - Rik Cordero

Nico & Vinz "Am I Wrong (Official U.S. Music Video)" (Rik Cordero, dir.)

You'd be forgiven if you saw the original version of "Am I Wrong" and had no idea that you were witnessing the biggest Scandinavian pop duo since Roxette. That's not to say this new "Official U.S. Music Video" — made in conjunction with Complex Media and Pepsi Pulse — reaks of anything to do with the land of semi-disposable furniture.

DJ Pauly D "Back To Love" (Rik Cordero, dir.)

DJ Pauly D - Back To Love (Official Video) ft. Jay Sean

I was interested in merging high technology, fashion and club aesthetics for the "Back To Love" video. I was both fascinated and inspired by Google's Project Glass and Diane von Furstenberg's NYC Fashion Week event where the beautiful and statue-esque runway models basically shot the entire show wearing first person augmented-reality glasses which was then cut into a viral video. I thought it would be cool to drop DJ Pauly D and Jay Sean directly into this chaotic yet stylish scenario.