Katy Perry "Birthday" (Marc Klasfeld & Danny Lockwood, dir.)

If this music biz thing doesn't work out for Katy Perry, I'd say she could probably made a decent living by performing at birthday parties — so long as she doesn't use this video as her work reel. The video for "Birthday" operates in the tradition of Bad Grandpa and Punked, with Katy in serious disguise as horribly incompentent birthday entertainers. We get the animal expert who likes to eat mice and let the animals crap all around the kids, an elderly stripper who makes Robin Byrd look hot, a Bar Mitzvah comic who makes Bruce Vilanch seem cutting edge (I kid), and much more.

And lest you're worried that Katy ruined all these parties, I'm sure they're more than thrilled to be involved in what's likely to be a smash... and those kids with the awful facepaintings don't seem so annoyed when she reveals her true identity.

Katy Perry Presents The Worst Party Entertainers in this "Birthday" Video Preview

Katy Perry looks like she'll be going full-Klumps in this preview for her new "Birthday" video. She plays a series of not-so-great birthday entertainers, ranging from Goldie, a moldy former dancer, to Yosef Shulem, a Borscht-belt comedian with jokes as stale as week-old challah.

The full video rolls out Thursday, April 24 — and, hey, if this music thing doesn't work out, then I'm pretty Katy can get an HBO comedy going with these characters.