Rory Halsall

Walk Off The Earth "Material Girl" (Davin Black, dir.)

Material Girl - Walk off the Earth

I'm actually not sure if Walk Off The Earth is a band or a cult. Either way, they make most other musical acts look lazy and boring.

This one-shot video for is a staggering display of complex choreography, with singer Sarah Blackwood hitting every mark. While very pregnant, no less.

The Madonna cover itself is also a creative arrangement, incorporating all sorts of instruments along the way.

Classified "Inner Ninja" (RT!, dir.)

Classified feat. David Myles - Inner Ninja [Official Video]

"Class sent me the track and just said "Its a little something different... something light hearted." Thirty seconds in I knew I had to shoot a kid fucking someone up." - RT!, director

Wu-Tang got the Shaolin, but Canadian rapper Classified spreads a more mystical Ninja style in this video for his breakthrough hit "Inner Ninja," which has gone Platinum up North and just got him signed to Atlantic Records in the U.S. [SG]

By RT Thorne on March 24, 2013 @ 6:45am PDT