Sam Jones

Blonde "I Loved You" (Jack Laurance, dir.)

Shot on location for two days in Mexico City and From The Director: 

"I was interested in contrasts. Being 'bad' vs being 'good'. Total freedom vs the trappings of fame/celebrity, and all the vacuousness that goes with it. All framed within a little story about two best friends who drift apart. 

The idea of contrast really drove the way we told that story. Art direction and colour were obviously a big part of this. DOP Ben Kitchens really did a fantastic job. 

Feed The Beat, Feed The Beast: Passion Pit Doc Directed by Sam Jones for Taco Bell

This nearly hourlong documentary directed by Sam Jones — who you know from the Wilco movie I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, plus great videos for Mumford & Sons, John Mayer, and others — serves dual purposes. You get to feed your hunger for insight into alternative stars Passion Pit (and up-and-comers Wildcat! Wildcat!), and Taco Bell gets to feed their need to reach a market that may not respond to talking chihuahuas.

Not a bad trade.

Mumford And Sons "Babel" (Sam Jones, dir.)

The camera continually tracks to the right as Mumford And Sons repeat themselves on-screen, not ceasing their intense performance until things have come to the end. As with most great performance videos, this one works thanks to the little details — Macus Mumford's broken string, for example. — and a consistent visual style that frames it all.