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Secretly Canadian

The War on Drugs "Under The Pressure" (Houmam, dir.)

This is one of those videos that remind me of the early days of alternative — a homespun, analog and within six degrees of R.E.M. — but what makes it particularly resonant is the last three minutes, when we look out the window and the visuals take on a spark and color as the guitars crescendo and wash reality away under a sound wave. Consider it an acid test: Is it noise, or blissed-out catharsis?

WATCH IT: Yeasayer "Longevity" (Timothy Saccenti, dir.)

I've heard of recording sessions taking forever, but there's definitely some sort of time paradox at work in this Yeasayer video, aging the band well past their freshness date. --> watch "Longevity

Yeasayer "Longevity" (Secretly Canadian)Timothy Saccenti, director | Garen Barsegian, producer | Radical Media, production co | Ivan Abel, DP | Ryan McKenna, editor | Stephanie Barkley, production designer | Jennifer Heath, exec. producer

WATCH IT: Bowerbirds "Tuck The Darkness In" (Carlos Lopez Estrada, dir.)

When we talk about fishing, we're talking about death. Keep that in mind when/if you decide to introduce your kid to the rod and reel, because there's a chance he'll become as fixated on the plight of the fishies as the young existentialist in this Bowerbirds video. And, unlike in the music videos, he probably won't have the power to bring them back to life. --> watch "Tuck The Darkness In"

WATCH IT: Nite Jewel "One Second Of Love" (Delaney Bishop, dir.)

Worst. Bachelorette. Party. Ever. Or, the weirdest, as the adult entertainers for this soiree are three creepy singer/dancers and a bulheaded dope who looms over the proceedings like some kind of shaman pimp. Things build to a climax, but it's more nasuating than erotic (literally) for our ladies. For the viewer, it's compelling and odd, very odd. --> watch "One Second Of Love"

Nite Jewel "One Second Of Love" (Secretly Canadian)Delaney Bishop, director | Belinda Salazar, producer  | Richard Briglia, DP | Bucky Fisk, editor

NEW RELEASE: Danielson "Did I Step On Your Trumpet?"

A series of increasingly elaborate cardboard cut-out disguises roll onto the stage to let Danielson main man Daniel Smith portray all sorts of people in this whimsical lo-fi clip. Accompanying dancers follow the costume changes with props perfectly suited to each disguise. A very fun DIY clip directed by band collaborator J. Christiaan Palladino. -- watch "Did I Step on Your Trumpet?"