Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg f/ Stevie Wonder & Pharrell "California Roll" (Warren Fu, dir.)

There's not a Snoopland amusement park (yet), but this blast into the past and the faux-future takes a 1946 audience on an experiential ride through an LA that's more informed by ancient Egypt than mid-century modern. So, buckle up, enjoy the ride and hope you have popcorn nearby in case the weed smellovision causes the munchies.

PSY f/ Snoop Dogg "Hangover"

"Party's Over, it ain't over Try to make a bad memory, over and over... Care to find a single piece of me, game over"

So it goes for PSY who's awoken from unprecedented success — 2 Billion YouTube viewers can't be wrong — in search of what comes next. Hence, we get PSY as ringmaster: He's strangely minimized in the still over-the-top "Hangover," sharing screentime and a bulk of the vocals with an always game Snoop Dog. That's not to say we don't get to see PSY being PSY and that this video isn't filled with memorable moments — many of which seem to be pre-looped for easy GIFability — but "Hangover" seems to have stripped-out the unique and inspired lunacy of "Gangnam Style" for something more modular and replaceable. And the fact the video ends with a teaser for his NEXT single/video coming this Summer doesn't really radiate confidence, does it?

PS: The video is already over 5 million views in just a few hours and seems destined to break more records. In other words: A hangover is just a few drinks away from being drunk again. Cheers.

PSY Making New Video with Snoop Dogg

You want to call "Gentelman" a flop; a misogynistic miscalculation that didn't come close to "Gangnam Style." But, it was a Top Ten hit around the world, including the US, and the video was the most watched on YouTube for 2013.

So, don't call it a comeback.

The follow-up to the follow-up is now under production — as reveald by PSY's twitter —  this time featuring Snoop Dogg and PSY's fellow Korean, G-Dragon.

Be warned.

Snoop Dogg "Boom! There They Go" (Benny Boom, dir.)

Let The Bass Go (Music From The Motion Picture 'Turbo')

Usually when Snoop hoists a cup it's the Cannibus Cup. Or his Pimp Chalice. That's not the case in this family friendly clip to support Turbo, new Dreamworks Animated snail-racing movie, as Snoop builds a speed machine to beat all challengers.