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Soft Citizen

NEWS: Director Michael Dowse With Soft Citizen

Director Michael Dowse has signed with Soft Citizen for representation. Although he's directed videos for the New Pornographers, Sloan and Chixdiggit, Dowse is best known for the film It's All Gone Pete Tong, which claimed prizes at the Toronto Film Festival, the Gen Art Film Festival and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. It's All Gone Pete Tong  mixes fact and fiction as it relates the tale of a world famous DJ who decides to make a comeback after losing his hearing and nearly everything else in his life.

NEWS: SxSw Music Video Winners

Congratulations go out to the winning videos selected at last week's SxSw Film Festival.

Badly Drawn Boy's "Year Of The Rat" won the Jury Award For Best Music Video. The clip was directed by Monkmus and produced by Douangta Inthavixay. Executive producers were Soft Citizen's Sandy Hunter and Jamie Watson. The video was released by Astralwerks Records.

Slipknot's "Vermilion" received a Special Jury Award. Rockhard Films' Tony Petrossian directed; Ben Oswa produced. Petrossian is repped by Robin Frank Management. The video was released by Roadrunner Records.