Sony Music Uk

Kygo "Cloud 9 TVC" (Tim Fox, dir.)

We were given the opportunity to create custom visuals for the latest Kygo Campaign, Cloud Nine. Heavily rotated on Radio 1 and credited as the creator of "Tropical House", you will definitely have heard his music somewhere without knowing it.

We wanted to encapsulate the feeling of being lost in music, letting it lift you...quite literally... into cloud nine. We shot 4 sexy, young actors on wire harnesses at Pinewood studios. Despite never doing wire work, they took to the air naturally bending every which way we asked.

Foxes "Cruel" (Olof Lindh, dir.)

B-Reel Films had so much fun creating this video for ‘Cruel’ with the wonderful Foxes. Shot on location in a colourful country house in the UK, the video follows her humming, singing and dancing her way around her home – something we can all relate to! Olof mixes moments of emotion with a whimsical air, and the quirky, retro glow of the video totally resounds with Foxes’ unique style.

Fatherson "Always" (Lewis Cater, dir.)

"The video for 'Always' is about viewing reality through rose tinted glasses and the conciquences we face when removing them. The inspiration from this video comes from a certain fashion commercial that was everywhere when I was kid. These series of commercials only showed the glossy side of life, almost robotic in a way. I decided to turn the perfect denim commerical upside down and expose the viewer to a situation that's a much better reflection of society."