Spencer Susser

Panic! at the Disco "Say Amen (Saturday Night)" (Daniel “Cloud” Campos, Spencer Susser, dir.)

Now that Panic! At The Disco's Brandon Urie has conquered Broadway, his sights may be set on getting a role as an action-adventure movie star. This video makes a pretty convincing case — save for a twist, or two — as he faces off against a troupe of ninjas and manages to still be ready for some Saturday Night romance.

ARO "Raining Gold" (Spencer Susser, dir.)

The other Osbourne offspring — Aimee, who didn't participate in the breakthrough MTV show The Osbournes — finally steps out of the shadows with her musical project ARO. If any haters were hoping for a car crash, they literally get one, but otherwise Aimee Osbourne looks and sounds like the real deal as she saunters past destruction in this mysterious and bloody little video.

Zedd f/ Hayley Williams "Stay The Night" (Daniel Cloud Campos, dir.)

Paramore's Hayley Williams has played this role for hip-hop before — see Airplanes, B.O.B. — so it's not a surprise to see her ushering an EDM artist into the anthemic stratosphere. While both Zedd and Hayley are in the video, the real stars are the dancers who perform an elaborate choreographed routine in which they realize that a relationship is over.