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New World Sound "Outta My Head" (Ven Gia, dir.)

A reimagining of the iconic Kylie Minogue dance track, Outta My Head is a dark and pulsating exploration of romantic obsession.

It pairs thudding synths and dreamlike vocals with a twisted romance narrative set in an ominous yet familiar digital world.

Dystopian, sexy, and utterly engaging, the film features a cameo from New World Sound’s Ty and Jesse, as well as a recreation of the iconic Banksy street mural ‘Mobile Lovers’.

By Ven Gia on September 21, 2019 @ 6:52pm PDT

Breathe Carolina "More Than Ever" (Tony Tomasino, dir.)

Exhilarating music video of Breathe Carolina and Ryos, featuring the impressive input by KARRA for Breathe Carolina's latest single "More Than Ever" out now on Spinnin' Records. The result is a mesmerizing progressive house tune, building up with a emotionally charged melody before the vocals grab the attention. It’s deep, it’s touching, and then it all drops, making sure all hands are in the air!

Moguai "Hold On" (David N. Donihue, dir.)

The innocence of the 50′s couldn’t have prepared them for what was to come. Spanning from 1939 to Present, Hold On tells the story of a soldier leaving his unborn child without a father and the child’s journey through life with a best friend turned soulmate. The video is a metaphor for what it’s like to stay true amidst the changing cultural ties and climates. We walk with him, as he relives the past and makes us wonder, what he is holding onto in the present…

Breathe Carolina vs Y&V "Hero (Satellite)" (Tony Tomasino, dir.)

Breathe Carolina vs Y&V taking you sky high in this live performance video following thier travels around the world including Japan and thier recent North American tour, featuring melancholic electro melodics and sweet vocals. Hero (Satellite) is all you hope from a progressive tune like this, it sweeps you away and gets the crowd dancing as one.

Mike Mago "Outlines" (Ciaran Lyons, dir.)

Ciaran Lyons, director: "The video grew from the idea of a dancer's movements leaving behind visual echoes (outlines) as she moves around a space. Together with a great dancer, I started playing around with this idea to see where we could take it. We were interested in her movements creating a variety of different types of figures. Sometimes her movements are graceful; sometimes they're awkward. Sometimes they're dreamy and abstract; sometimes they look like backing dancers on Top of the Pops."


By halcyon - on August 28, 2014 @ 6:00pm PDT