Stephen Wayne Mallett

Colyer "Lost In Your Love" (Naomi Christie, dir.)

A Green Glow Films Production

Everything moves in slow motion when you're in the midst of infatuation. You see only them, drowning out everything else, caught in a hypnosis, as if underwater. I wanted to make Lost In Your Love simple yet other-worldly mimicking falling in love. This video is about those muses, that feeling, the sense of giving someone the power to be beautiful and mystic when you get lost in their love.

Slyy Cooperstein "The Jump Off" (Alex MacLean, dir.)


One evening last summer I was walking through Union Square, in New York City, and I met some talented young artists called, The Dope Rebels. I listened to their demo and felt very inspired. Memories filled my mind from 90’s hip hop groups like Tribe Called Quest, Souls of Mischief, Mobb Deep; and all the great music videos I had seen growing up watching MTV.

Preston Knight "Danger!" (Stephen Wayne Mallett, dir.)

Up-and-coming pop star Preston Knight's single Danger exlodes to the scene with this dark and gritty throwback sci-fi music video with strong traces of Blade Runner & A Clockword Orange.  Directed by Stephen Mallett, the Fahrenheit 451 inspired visual will keep you captivated as you watch the makings of a new star in the pop world!