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Ships Have Sailed "Let's Just Dance" (Mikey Easterling, dir.)

“Lets just dance” is a raw look at Southern California youth. Following a group of teenagers as they hang on to the last moments of adolescence, as senior year is coming to an end and the pressures of growing up are looming around the corner. Ships Have Sailed implore us to live – to love every second of our world, to grab life by the horns and make every single day count!  



Mod Sun f/ Machine Gun Kelly "Shoot Em Down" (Mikey Easterling, dir.)

Mod Sun and Machine Gun Kelly take on bandits in this wild western tale. Mod Sun embarks on a journey through the desolate desert sands of Joshua Tree, determined to save his love from the clutches of psychotic bandits holding her captive. But Mod's optimistic bravery takes a turn for the worst when he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun.