Terry Richardson

TMZ Posts a Bit of Lady Gaga x R. Kelly's "Do What U Want"

The previously shelved "Do What U Want" music video — directed by Terry "Wrecking Ball" Richardson and starring R. Kelly — has been making the media rounds. Page Six gets a vicious dig in via an unnamed source, "With the theme, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want with your body’? It was literally an ad for rape."

Yikes. TMZ has a snippet if you care to see... There's a lot of writhing.

Lady Gaga Explains the "devastating" Delay of "Do What U Want" Video

Wondering what happened to Lady Gaga's seemingly scandalous and awesome "Do What U Want" video featuring R. Kelly and directed by Terry Richardson? Her Gaganess explains it all in a Full-Martyr post on her Little Monsters social media site:

Lady Gaga "It is late because, just like with the Applause video unfortunately, I was given a week to plan and execute it. It is very devastating for someone like me, I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for you. All my my most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored. Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result."

Does that clear things up? No? 

In other confusing news, Gaga just recorded and released a version of "Do What U Want" with Christina Aguilera... So, who knows what will be released or when...

Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Smashes VEVO Single Day View Records

Miley Cyrus won't stop, not when she's on a roll that's taken her from the "former Hannah Montana" to undoubtedly the biggest pop star in the world in just a few months.

New video "Wrecking Ball" shattered the VEVO single day viewing record, previously set at 12.3 million views by OneDirection's "Best Song Ever" — a number which Miley and her big ball smashed in approximately 12 hours.

It's currently at 16 million views, in less than 24 hours.