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Tim Bedwell

The Used "Over and Over" (Lisa Mann, dir.)

The Used reached out again to film director Lisa Mann for their highly anticipated new album "The Canyon". In the video for the album's first single "Over and Over", Mann’s imagery portrays the psyche of lead singer Bert McCracken's strict Mormon upbringing, and the childhood memory that inspired the song: McCracken pretended to be sick in order to stay home and watch Michael Jackson dance on TV. The video features choreography and dance by William Yong, movement and dance with McCracken and the band, and heightened, dreamlike imagery inspired by McCracken's story.

Big Black Delta "Side Of The Road" (Warren Kommers, dir.)

Big Black Delta - "Side of the Road" (Official)

Imagine an updated, darker version of Gary Numan "Cars" but with the energy and vibe of a classic dance production, and you kind of get a sense of what to expect in what's billed as, "An electronic/sci-fi take on classic Fred Astaire era dance musicals."