Tim Sidell

Mind Enterprises "GIrlfriend" (Ben & Ross, dir.)

Directed by Ben & Ross, 'Girlfriend' sums up the feeling of what it is to fall in love and all the emotions that come with it. The joyful feelings and those terrifying ones...

From Ben & Ross:

The core of the idea was about exploring the vulnerabilities of being in love – specifically fear, paranoia and the idea of loosing someone you are infatuated with to factors beyond your control.

Daisy and The Dark "Waltzing" (Shreepali Patel, dir.)

BAFTA Award winning filmmaker Shreepali Patel and top cinematographer Tim Sidell (FKA Twigs, Alt-J) have teamed up with classical chart topper Daisy and The Dark to create an evocative video for her haunting debut single ‘Waltzing’.

Daisy and the Dark is an ‘invitation into a magical world’ - the creation of singer-songwriter-visual artist, Sarah Kayte Foster, who spent Christmas 2013 in the UK Classical Charts Top 10 with the Mediaeval Baebes before going solo: