Todd Banhazl

Lorde "Team" (Young Replicant, dir.)

The story here is that Lorde had a dream a few months back about teens in charge of their own world, dealing with, in her own words via Facebook, "tests that didn't need to be passed in order to be allowed in: sometimes the person who loses is stronger." So, no Lord Of The Flies violence here; just the current young ruler of music running things her own way: no bling, no product placement [ed: Sorry, Hyundai], no frills. Yeezus' heiress apparent, she is not.

Michel Cleis "Hey Lady Luck" (Adam Neustadter, dir.)

Michel Cleis - Hey Lady Luck (Radio Mix)

When a young woman finally parts with her beloved stuffed panda, we follow the heartbroken bear as he wanders the streets of Los Angeles on an epic journey of self discovery. This all-narrative promo for electronic artist Michel Cleis was shot by Adam Neustadter and the Good Company team over two days in LA. The dance track is based around a familiar hook from Jamie Woon’s “Lady Luck” but is true to Cleis’s signature production style.

Adam Neustadter, director: “What really drew me to this concept was the challenge of making the viewer emotionally connect with this ridiculous panda, I felt if I could make you feel for him, and even relate to him on some level, then it could be pretty special. We tried to play everything as straight as possible, treating it like an honest relationship story, only the dude happens to be a big panda.” 

Hanson "Get the Girl Back" (Adam Neustadter, dir.)


Shot in Los Angeles rock club The Satellite — packed with fans of the band, including Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls), Nikki Reed (Twilight) and other famous friends — "Get The Girl Back" follows two intersecting narratives that unfold at a Hanson show over the course of the song. The band came up with the fun pop narrative and tapped director Adam Neustadter to bring it to life.

The promo entered VH1′s Top 20 countdown stateside this week, and the band is embarking on a world tour that will take them through the end of the year.