Tom Birmingham

THE 1975 "A Change of Heart" (Tim Mattia, dir.)

This would have also been a fantastic video for Springsteen's "County Fair" or even "Tunnel Of Love," and let me assure you: That's a compliment (even if it exposes my heart as old, suburban, sentimental, etc, etc.)

"A Change Of Heart" has 1975 frontman Matty Healy as a sad, silent-film clown who finds love on magically epic night of love and dance at the traveling carnival.

Marina and the Diamonds "'I'm a Ruin'" (Markus Lundqvist, dir.)

Shot on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, Director Markus Lundqvist manages to create a desolate yet beautiful world in this video for Marina and the Diamonds new track ‘I’m a Ruin’.

On working with Marina, Lundqvist said, ‘she was wonderful to work with. A real hard worker. We worked for 32 hours straight and she just got stuck right in, even in freezing cold water.’ 

The track is taken from her third album ‘Froot’ released on Universal. It’ll see one track released every month until April 6 when the album goes on sale. 

Maya Jane Coles "Everything" (Thomas Knights, dir.)

Maya Jane Coles Feat. Karin Park - "Everything" (Official Video)

Looking for a new use for your old darkroom? How about using it as a taxidermy studio? And if you're lucky, maybe you'll also be able to magically connect as happens in this video, where a crow dissection leads to the woman who appears in the photo prints. 

Ryan Hemsworth "Colour & Movement" (Yoni Lappin, Dir.)

Ryan Hemsworth - "Colour & Movement" (Official Music Video)

Mirror images and pretty girls make for a perfectly hazy and hypnotic match to this Ryan Hemsworth track. However, if you're New Year's Resolution was to stop smoking, this video might not help.

2 Chainz "I'm Different" (Elisha Smith-Leverock, Dir.)

2 Chainz - I'm Different (Explicit)

2 Chainz, the break-out guest rapper of 2012, takes it solo in the new year with a blast of Miami style from fashion-world director Elisha Smith-Leverock. With his boat getting a tow from an armored car and more logo-blurs than Nas in Times Square, the former Tity Boi makes a big-time impression. Plus, there's a glorious Rick James-esque leopard print outfit. That lepotard should get its own Grammy.