Is Tropical

Is Tropical "Lover's Cave [NSFW]" (Richard Kern, dir.)

Maybe you're an Is Tropical fan and you've wished they'd just do a performance video that you could show without any worry of people being offended by sex and violence.

Well, part of your wish has come true. Famed erotic photographer directs a performance clip that turns into total bacchanalia with the band surrounded by half-naked women.

And yes, of course it's NSFW.

Is Tropical "Dancing Anymore [NSFW]" (Megaforce, dir.)

IS TROPICAL - "Dancing Anymore" / NEW SINGLE!

The intro is basically a flip-flop of the classic porn trope: Instead of the hunky poolboy who comes to unclog a drain, both with the pool and the previously demure housewife, we get a dorky boy left in care of the house (and pool) by a sexy housewife.

His imagination runs wild and he winds up rummaging through drawers and then his own drawers (if you catch my drift).