Harry Styles "Kiwi" (Us, dir.)

Gotta love any video that opens with a disclaimer that no children or animals were harmed during the production of it. The same can't be said, however, for the pile of baked goods that serves as ammunition for a massive food fight that threatens to spiral out of control, even after Harry Styles shows up with some puppies.

Lily Allen "Hard Out Here" (Christopher Sweeney, dir.)

You think starting a family has toned down Lily Allen's snarkiness? Judging by this commentary about sexism in the music industry... she's just getting started again, picking up where "Stupid Girls" left off. The lyrics obviously make this NSFW, but that's to be expected. Welcome back, Ms. Rose Cooper.

Ed. Note: The only thing that's unclear is whether the blatant product placement here is meant to be ironic. Me thinks not.