Martin Garrix f/ Usher "Don't Look Down" (Petros, dir.) #YTMA

If the inaugural YouTube Music Awards had a "let's put on a show" — or, to quote Bill O'Reilly, "Fuck it, we'll do it live!" — vibe, then the follow-up finds the massive video/web site playing to their strengths and skipping the live show in favor of a deluge of specially commissioned videos by creative musicians and directors.

First up is this Petros clip for Martin Garrix, where the club DJ plays a lowly towelboy trying his darndest to catch the eye of a stuck-up guest at a very uptight country club. It's a losing proposition, until he conjures more than a little magic to seal the deal.

Usher "Good Kisser" (Christopher Sims, dir.)

There's so much magnetism here that the opening visual gambit pales in comparison to all that follows with Usher flexing, stripping, dancing, drumming and nailing an uncanny combination of vintage Al Green (circa shirtless Greatest Hits) and Michael Jackson footwork.

And to guarantee some cross-appeal, there's a parade of beautiful women with just as much a fixation on lips and tongues as you'd expect for a song about, er, kissing.