Bad Suns "Disappear Here" (Kyle Cogan, dir.)

Bad Suns | Disappear Here

Watch it here:

Director: Kyle Cogan  Featuring: Ashley Whelan  Producers: T.J. Connor, Megan St. John & Marty Kane

Director of Photography: Tom Kinstle Assistant Director: Nick C. Johnson Gaffer: Dustin Supencheck Grip: David Gilmore SFX Lighting/Projection: Rob Cornell

Hair and Make Up: April Garcia and Julie Quez Production Assistant: Jessica Janos Art Dept.: Matthew Steinbeck 

Editor: Kyle Dunleavy Colorist: Jason Grinde VFX: Simian Design

WATCH IT: Eels "Peach Blossum" (Andrew Van Baal, dir.)

A Tambourine Woman teaches Eels frontman Mark Everett to stop and smell the peach blossums. And yes, it's an easy lesson to grasp. (A harder lesson is also on display: Director Andrew Van Baal's ability to especially nail the musical side of the equation, perfectly catching some distortion pedal stomps and tambourine shakes.) --> watch "Peach Blossum" (via Stereogum)

WATCH IT: Edward Sharpe/Magnetic Zeros "Man On Fire" (Brady Corbet, dir.)

The key line of the song is "come dance with me," so this docu-style look at dancers of all kinds around NYC is totally appropriate. What makes it work, however, is how director (and actor) Brady Corbet perfectly matches the purity and sense of wonder that surrounds Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, showing us real people while settings us up for a final bit of simple surprise. --> watch "Man On Fire"