@JosephKahn Some complain that BODIED doesn't answer the questions it raises. My response: I'm not your dad. 10 hours 48 min ago
@kanyewest When you go to your boys house and you’re both wearing orange 🍊 https://t.co/IyPOdEKaVY 21 hours 4 min ago
@dougstern This sounds terrible, but I also recall breathless reports about impressionable young people and 'lips… https://t.co/RpqhCkl9cz 14 hours 13 min ago
@dougstern I feel like "muzzle discipline" is the phrase that pays for this week. 1 day 23 hours ago
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@JosephKahn Hey . I need more princess content. They must sing every 10 minutes. I need this stat. Get going. Chop c… https://t.co/2Wk4QGLgh8 13 hours 37 min ago
@JosephKahn Slavery reparations doesn't really matter to rich people. How the poor and middle class want to divide up tax revenue is up to them. 16 hours 4 min ago
@JosephKahn There are infinitely more attractive humans than smart humans. 1 day 2 hours ago
@JosephKahn This looks like a hostage video. 8 hours 20 min ago
@JosephKahn I realized as a teenager I needed to specialize my knowledge in one thing in order to surpass everyone. This is why I am the best at eating. 17 hours 35 min ago
@dougstern Doesn't that mean they never truly were "their principles" all along? 1 day 22 hours ago
@dougstern Fair enough, they figure we oughta stay in our own room until we can calm down and act like a member… https://t.co/VMhuX9PN6N 1 day 22 hours ago
@JosephKahn RT : Former U.S Navy Seal Dr. Dan Barkhuff wants to know if is a coward who can't stand up to Putin or… https://t.co/J4rAgfKyJ4 1 day 7 hours ago

Vertel Scott

Duck Sauce "Quack Is Back" (Mister Whitmore, dir.)

Mister Whitmore, director:

"When the project came in it was extremely open ended, all that mattered was that we use duck character's to announce that Quack Is Back.  The cherry on top to it all was how much time we had.  There wasn't some unrealistic deadline viciously thrusting us into production, instead, we actually had time to sit with the concept.  So we spent a lot of time writing with DS's team, going back and forth on characters, their stories, and which tracks fit which duck, and by the end of it all, we chose to produce the concepts that made us giggle like a group of school girls.

When it came to production, we went out with a concise little crew that was hell bent on shooting some ducks gorilla style.  It was really fun seeing people just stop and stare in amazement as we were filming, at one point a toddler freaked out and starting crying at the sight of a duck billed man playing basketball.  After editing the films, my favorite thing is asking people which of the series is their favorite. I think you could probably develop some sort of psychological profile around each of the videos and what it says about you depending on which you like best. My favorite is the weight lifter duck, so feel free to analyze what that says about me."