Weird Days

Santigold "Girls" (Weird Days, Dir.)

Santigold - Girls [Official Video]

Just in case you didn't get the message from Beyonce's 2011 hit, Santigold provides another "Girls" anthem to go along with the hit HBO series Girls and its accompanying soundtrack. Directors Weird Days keep the inspiration close the Brooklyn-vibe of the show, spotlighting girls of all stripes, sizes, shapes and ages all around the city.

WATCH IT: Das Racist "Michael Jackson" (Weird Days, dir.)

Michael Jackson. One million dollars. You feel me? Holler. Das Racist and directing team Weird Days take the piss out of some Michael Jacskon iconography and anything else that strikes their fancy, be it a Bollywood Mikado, Beavis/Butthead, a recreation of the Farley/Swayze Chippendale Dance-off and lots more. Random? Yep. Awesome? Holler. --> watch "Michael Jackson"