Lucky Charmes f/ Wiley "Skank" (Marc Furmie, dir.)

Filmed on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, 'Skank' is a celebration of urban dance culture and street fashion. Featuring real people and shot in a true documentary fashion by director Marc Furmie and cinematographer Kieran Fowler (the team behind upcoming sci-fi feature film TERMINUS), the music video embraces the gritty reality of everyday life in some of JoBurg's most notorious & hip neighborhoods including Hillbrow, Feitas and Newtown.

Wiley "Chasing the Art"

Grime king Wiley comes out with another nearly-essential single and video, a moped view of the British countryside, as well as a look at Londontown’s various concrete artwork in “Chasing the Art.” It's an audiovisual reminder of what’s most important to a lot of people - and most important to Wiley right now.