Will Holland

JENAUX f/ Pia Toscano "Renegades" (Robert Styles, dir.)

"Renegades" is a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde meets Robin Hood story that finds Jenaux and his ride-or-die girlfriend burglarizing posh mansions throughout the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. Director Robert Styles delivers a fun and cinematic film, all the while interweaving powerful performance shots of an incredible Pia Toscano as she delivers the song's epic vocals. The large production throughout the robberies is trumped by an even bigger ending and twist. 

Tritonal "Anchor" (Robert Styles, dir.)

After washing up on a beach after his boat crashed at sea along the coast of Northern California our protagonist suffers amnesia due to a blow to the head. his memory is jolted back with the discovery of a message in a bottle that his lover wrote for him. As his memory begins to come back, he races through the country side to find his way back home to his "Anchor" who is anxiously awaiting his return.