William Lemon

Justin Bieber "The Feeling (teaser)" (Dori Oskowitz, dir.)

Justin Bieber has been downright prolific with the videos for new album Purpose, dropping visual content for every single song: Dance videos, travel videos, and even a few official music videos. One of the more intriguing pieces, though, is this teaser for his Halsey collaboration "The Feeling," in which the pop star is stranded in a strange jungle with three women who look like they also have some Calvin Klein Underwear ad experience

ORA "Farewell" (Thibault Debaveye, dir.)

Dark soil slowly lifts off of ORA's body in an ethereal dance, to be replaced by a milky whiteness that is no less disturbingly compelling. The final frame reveals a nude ORA on a pure white background, finally coming out of the Womb.

Norwegian singer/songwriter Ora reveals herself to the world with the music video for Farewell from her debut EP Womb. The word Ora translates to mean ‘time’ in Italian. “It’s something floating and eternal,” she explains, “a form of connection not related to identity - which reflects a lot in the visuals.”