Work Editorial

Tom Misch "Movie" (Joshua Osborne, dir.)

A beautiful track & video inspired by home movie footage of Tom Misch's grandparents Margriet & Klaus Misch. The footage shows their lives from the couple in love to very hard times in Europe during World War II.

From Joshua Osborne:

"This was definitely a unique experience and process and I thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the whole family to ensure we execute their story in the most respectful way."

Thinkpiece "You're People You're Evil" (Aella Jordan-Edge, dir.)

Director Aella Jordan-Edge’s first collaboration with North London newcomers Thinkpiece is a

trippy exploration through a young woman’s psyche. While Thinkpiece’s first music video Voice

For Us played on themes of media and hypnosis, You're People You're Evil dives fully into an

addictive digital nightmare.

Grief stricken after a public break-up, our protagonist wanders into an underground arcade and

finds a VR headset. This technology gives her a chance to see through the eyes of, and at times