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Wynn Holmes

Foxtrott "Shaky Hands" (Kevin Calero [Street Parade], dir.)

A Taller Us, Foxtrott's debut album (released on Bjork's record label, One little Indian) is a musical interpretation of life's monolithic challenges. Alongside director and ongoingcollaborator Kevin Calero, the Montreal based singer/producer elaborated on that metaphor for Foxtrott's "Shaky Hands" video.

The result is a vertical climb through various stages of inner turmoil. Set in a quarry 4 hours Sorth of Montreal, Canada, the video further develops the visual language initially explored in the video for previous single Driven. Choreographer Wynn Holmes rejoins the team to aid in highlighting the songs musical structure through movement. The result is a disorientingly classic tale of "survival of the fittest".