CANT WATCH IT: Prince "Screw Driver"

Wanna watch the new Prince video? Well, pay the man a numerologically precise $1.77 and you can download it. Is it worth it? Well, it's Prince. And it's only $1.77. You can figure out that math yourself, but be warned:  If you take the plunge, you're in for a strange eight minutes.

"Screw Driver" loosely tells the tale of an underestimated girl rock band that gets beckoned by His Royal Princeness to join him for a lo-fi rock performance that inspires a floor full of dancers. The production values are similarly rough around the edges, with a purposeful grainy b/w video grade, and a structure that includes a "boys vs. girls"  narrative interlude and an ending sequence that's scored with horror movie cues.

Visit to buy it, since that seems to be the only way you're gonna be able to see it. For now. 

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