Middle Class Rut "Aunt Betty" (Lance Drake, dir.)

Middle Class Rut - "Aunt Betty"

And you thought vising your Aunt was a sketchy experience? [SG]

Lance Drake, director: "I arrived in the outskirts of Sacramento, a place called Rio Linda, a week before we shot to realize a very fragmented/crazy idea we had for this video. With a tiny team and a scrappy budget, never in my wildest dreams could I have known we would be racing 50mph down a dirt road, shooting insane motorcross guys in a completely forgotten part of America. For a moment I felt like Hunter in "Hell's Angels" - crash landing in this strange, dangerous, and beautiful land. To my surprise, the amount of support and love we received was overwhelming. I kept thinking, "This kind of luck never happens in Los Angeles." People offered their homes, their kids, and their own mortality to make this video happen."

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Jeremiah Mayhew, Production Coordinator
Abagail Galloway, Make-up Artist
Rachelonia, Stylist