Tim McGraw "Highway Don't Care" (Shane C. Drake, dir.)

Highway Don't Care

Here's a big video from Shane C. Drake. It's got Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. There's a melodramatic storyline inspired by the perils of distracted driving. And, it also made history by being the first video to be premiered live via a Google+ Hangout Session that McGraw and Drake conducted from Nashville's Belcourt Theater. 

Tim McGraw: “The first impetus of this idea came from my daughter, who is 16 years old and got her driver’s license today. We didn’t start out to turn it into a public service announcement, but as it developed and I thought about my two teenage daughters, I didn’t mind being preachy.”

The Video premiere chat is archived at YouTube, so check it out, especially if you've always through our friend Shane would make a great interviewer.

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