Art And Music Videos: Ai Weiwei "Dumbass"

Ai Weiwei - Dumbass (Explicit)

I don't really like fine or contemporary artists dabbling in my music videos. They're different forms, requiring different skillsets.

This clip from celebrated and confrontational Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is a good example. Without knowing his stature and the fact that this profanity-laden song — the chorus translates as "oh dumbass" —  is a direct fuck you to the goverment that jailed him for 81 days for essentially being outspoken, you'd probably not find too much resonance in it.

Without context, it's just a chinese heavy metal song with a jail motif. And if you need context to get it, then you're not really reaching the masses with your message. And isn't that the point of him making a music video, as opposed to his usual work?. 

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