Chris Chace "We Did It All Again" (Spence Nicholson, dir.)

Chris Chace - If We Did It All Again

The RGBD Toolkit + Kinect + HDSLR technology seems to be everywhere these days from Circa Survive "Sharp Practice" to Fitz And The Tantrums "Out Of My League" — although the real tipping point is clearly this sex tape.

Spence Nicholson, director: "I found the depth capturing technology of the RGBD toolkit process to be the best way to capture and manipulate our footage to reflect the themes of the track. The technology allows us to move around in our compositions after the fact, but anything not recorded with color information falls off into nothing, giving us seams. This is similar to what we see on the surface of relationships: Happy times, angry times, there's always more to the story than what meets the eye and this technology allowed us to visualize those seems. Oftentimes people use a new technology, even this one, as a technical exercise or just to have a cool visual, but it is so much more powerful when you can give it a purpose and reflect and enhance the themes of your subject matter."


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Ethan Chancer, Visual Effects