Team Spirit "Teenage Love" (Hannes Elltorp & Johannes Helgelin, dir.)

Team Spirit - Teenage Love [Official]

NSFW, if animated alient nudity counts (check with your office manager)...

The official music video for Team Spirit's song "Teenage Love." This is Episode 4/5 in their animated music video series. Directed, drawn and animated by Hannes Elltorp and Johannes Helgelin.

Hannes/Johannes, creators: Here comes the next episode in the Team Spirit music video series we are working with. This time the band has been shot into space and are expecting a little welcome surprise.  Being only two people working on it, it took us little more than a month to complete but it sure was an inspiring and fun process. Everything in the video is hand drawn from scratch on paper using fineliners. We then scanned all the artwork, colored it in Photoshop and cut it out piece by piece to be able to animate it and put it together in After Effects. Enjoy!


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