Cookie Monster Spoofs Icona Pop; Learns Self-Regulation

Sesame Street: Me Want It (But Me Wait)

Cookie Monster subverts the subversive punk-electro jam "I Love It" by changing the fuckitneeditwantitnow message into an ode to patience.

It's OK. Nowehere near as good as the official Sesame Street YouTube description of it, which I'm pretty sure was written under the influence of weed cookies:

"Cookie Monster spoofs Icona Pop's hit song "I Love It" in this hilarious new video! Sesame Street launches its 44th season on September 16th, 2013 with a new self-regulation and executive function curriculum. Cookie Monster, the poster-child for someone needing to master self-regulation skills, attempts to explain these concepts while devising personal strategies on waiting to eat a cookie."

Me Love It.