Okkervil River "Stay Young" (Sean Dunne, dir.)

Okkervil River - "Stay Young" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Warpaint Director Sean Dunne rediscovers a rocker’s glory days, growing up in small town New Hampshire in the new music video “Stay Young” for Austin, TX indie rock band Okkervil River. Steering away from the quaint notion of rural New Hampshire, Dunne and front man Will Sheff wanted to shed light on the rowdier, dustier side of New Hampshire, where he grew up.

The nostalgic video captures Granite State youth zipping around fields and lakes in ATV’s, jet skis, and dirt bikes all while blithely building memories and enjoying the simple things in life. Growing up just two towns south of Claremont, New Hampshire, where the “Stay Young” video was shot, the video appropriately pairs the 80s pop track with the carefree teenage antics that inspired the song.

The single is off of the band’s seventh studio album The Silver Gymnasium via ATO Records.

No stranger to music culture, filmmaker Dunne has taken honest glimpses into the fanfare surrounding the industry, including his short doc “American Juggalo” which captures the tawdry antics of attendees at a yearly gathering of Insane Clown Posse fans. Additionally, his recent short “Stray Dawg” paints a portrait of the quirky underground country singer Johnny Corndawg.

Director of Photography
Tom Fitzgerald, Camera Operator
PJ Hand, Grip