Kanye West "Bound 2" (Nick Knight, dir.)

Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit)

Even though the video is best described as a Romance book cover come to life, it's still got an edge: "Bound 2" is essentially Kanye West riding his naked fiancee/babymama Kim Kardashian on a motorcycle through the desert, and most love songs don't have lyrics like, "I wanna fuck you hard on the sink."

But the best part of this glimpse into the "softer" side of Kanye? It premiered in entirety on the Ellen DeGeneris show, which is amazing on so many levels, but mostly in that housewives across the country watched this for five minutes and just might head to the store to enjoy the full Yeezus experience. 

UPDATE: I still think it's best watched via ellentv.com so you get that intro and the Ellen watermark — and a slight curvature which makes me think/hope they taped it off a monitor — but the official "uncensored" version is now on YouTube (embedded above). But, don't go looking at Kanye's channel: It's posted by Kim Kardashian, perhaps telling us which of the video's starts this release is meant to promote.

PS: I think "uncensored" refers to the audio, but feel free to get all Zapruder in search of a nipslip. Kim K won't mind those viewcounts.