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8th Day "Hooleh!" (Chaim Marcus, dir.)

8th Day - Hooleh! [Official Music Video]

Cuz Kosher Wine feels just as good as other wine!

The Whole Mishpocha.

8th day is fronted by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi. The video was directed by their brother, Chaim.

The band first made a splash with a video that was featured on Videostatic, called "Ya'alili", directed by Larry Guterman (Antz, Cats & Dogs).

The Song

The song is called "hooleh!" from Yiddish slang meaning something like "forget-all-your-issues-just-radiate joy".

There are also number of Yiddish and Hebrew words. Yiddish is so rich and excruciatingly difficult to translate, but here's an attempt.

- "tantz tantz" is yiddish for "dance dance"

- "takeh takeh" is yiddish for a myriad of things including "indeed", "is that so?!", "really?", "really!"

The Hebrew phrases at the beginning of the verse are taken from the classic "who knows one" that are sung at the Passover seder. 



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