Royal Blood "Little Monster" (Libby Burke Wilde, dir.)

Royal Blood - 'Little Monster'

Libby Burke Wilde at The Blind Club has directed this intimate yet raucous gig by Royal Blood at The Harley in Sheffield, turning a thrilling live show into an excellent promo for Little Monster. 

And Libby says the crowd only got more enthusiastic when they became aware the Blind Club - who were returning to their native Yorkshire for the show, having recently moved base from Leeds to London – were filming the show.



"It was a gig not to be missed. Royal Blood are absolutely killing it right now and when the crowd were told there was filming happening they were only too happy to oblige. Mass crowd surfing ensued and four men had to be called backstage to hold up the rig.

"We were so thrilled to get the call up for this one. Royal Blood have been on my radar for a while now and I was so pleased to be able to film them in such an intimate and raucous setting. The energy from the crowd was electric and I am pleased we managed to bottle that in some way for all to see - if you get the chance, I urge you to see these guys."

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Director of Photography
Giles Smith, Camera Operator