Jem And The Holograms Is Scarily Accurate About Music Video Production

Maybe you're too young to remember the cartoon "classic" Jem And The Holograms. And if you click to watch what I recommend, it'll hit you as pure parody. But, listen kids: This is what the music biz was really like back then. Minus the holograms and other sci-fi prattle, of course.

If you're in music videos, you must watch this episode clip so you can meet Lindsey Pierce, host of influential rock video show Lin-Z TV, and Anthony Juilan, the most dynamite director in the business. And their creative conversation is actually still fairly typical of what you'd hear today.

Spoiler Alert: The director's first question is about the budget.

"Disaster" Jem and the Holograms S1 E2 by Sidney_Tucker

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